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Legal Notice

Herbal Hegemone takes no responsibility for misuse, abuse or incorrect storage/care of products once in your care and cannot be held liable for incorrect usage or application. In purchasing products from me, you have agreed that you have no underlying health conditions and/or are taking no medications that may interact with the product. Any purchases therefore constitute a one to one consultation. 

All descriptions of potential benefits from using complementary therapies are based on traditional use only – results may vary from person to person. When using any remedies for the first time, take a small dose or test a small amount and wait 24 hours in case of side effects or sensitivity. If any adverse effects occur at any time during use, stop using immediately and seek medical advice if necessary. Use with caution when driving or operating heavy machinery. Herbal Hegemone products are not suitable for children under the age of 14 years. Do not take these remedies with other supplements that contain the same ingredients. Please read the Product Information Sheet that is supplied with each purchase for information on safety and how to use the product. 

If you start taking any new medications, if the dosages change, or if you discover you are pregnant, please immediately stop taking or using any products supplied by Herbal Hegemone. Always let your GP know that you are using complementary therapies and if symptoms worsen, consult your GP immediately or seek emergency care. Keep all Herbal Hegemone products out of reach of children and animals. Never stop taking any prescribed treatments or medications without first consulting your GP. If you are concerned about any health condition, you should always see your GP.

Legal Notice: About Us
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