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Products & Services

I offer the following Complementary Products and Services: 

Herbal Remedies - Herbal remedies, particularly those that help with mental health are my specialty. The herbal medicine system I use is called Western Herbalism as opposed to other systems such as Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. I offer a wide range of herbal products that can help with a range of issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, skin complaints and joint/muscle inflammation. My products include herbal teas, tinctures, balms, and salves and I also carry the full range of Bach Flower Remedies. 

Aromatherapy - My aromatherapy products all contain pure essential oils which are mixed with carrier oils such as coconut oil and shea butter to industry recognised safe dilutions. My aromatherapy products can help with issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle and joint soreness and inflammation, headache relief, allergy relief, cold and flu symptoms, and hair and scalp care. I also make bespoke perfume blends in roller bottles. 

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings - I work with several different types of tarot and oracle decks including the widely recognised Rider Waite imagery. I currently offer 3 card readings that can help guide you in any decisions you need to make. I don’t tend to use my card decks to predict the future, rather, I prefer to use them to help provoke the thought process so that you can come to your own decisions. One of my decks is particularly good for shadow work and for helping you work through and identify hidden and often negative emotions. Please note, I do not offer readings on health issues or pregnancy. 

Spiritual Amulets & Goddess Talismans - I have a hand carved range of wood Spiritual Amulets engraved with runes, pentagrams, goddesses and bindrunes. These can be worn as pendants or carried for luck. I am adding to my range all the time and can make custom amulets if required. 

Metaphysical & Magic - I currently have several Incense blends that can be burnt on charcoal discs and which contain benzoin resin, herbs and essential oils. I also offer handmade Spell Jars and Chakra Anointing Oil and Chakra Bands. 

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