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Protection & Defence Ash Bindrune / Stave Pendant

Protection & Defence Ash Bindrune / Stave Pendant


This pendant is made from Ash wood and engraved with a Bindrune or Rune Stave symbolising protection, defence, safety and strength. Good to wear if you need protection from negative energies. Also good if you are about to do something that is making you feel uneasy and you want extra strength and courage. This Bindrune is composed of Thurisaz, Algiz and Tiwaz runes.

It has been finished with coconut oil and hangs from black cord. The Ash that this pendant came from was growing in my garden in North Yorkshire, but sadly succumbed to ash die-back and had to be felled. The Norse sacred tree Yggdrasill is said to be an Ash tree and it is said that the God Odin hung from the branches of Yggdrasill to achieve knowledge of the runes and their magic. The Celts believed Ash to symbolise protection and courage.

These pendants range in size from 6 to 7 cm in length. This photo is just an example of the pendant you will receive and your pendant may vary slightly in size.

Please keep this pendant out of reach of children and pets. Please ensure you read my Legal Notice before purchasing.

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